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“I started working with Vince early into my professional racing career. I had some talent and a good work ethic but no idea how to put it all to use. Through incredible attention to detail Vince helped me with the proper steps to have continued growth year after year in the sport. By focusing on my weak links through gym work and other cross training methods he ultimately allowed me to reach new levels in my racing year after year. Vince’s hands on approach was key to my development as one of the top professionals in the US.”
– Neil Shirley, Professional Cyclist and USPRO National Champion

” I think every average rider or pro that trains himself is always going to hit a ceiling in their fitness. The structure and purpose for everything Vince put into my winter training helped me to get to the next level of fitness and racing. The gym, hiking and strength workouts gave a wide variety to my training in the winter. As soon as your body starts to adapt to something you change it up and challenge it more. You can get burned out pretty fast in the winter if all you are doing is tons of miles on your bike. Vinces program has a good balance of variety and challenges. Sticking to what he gives you to do will definitely make you stronger and faster than you thought you could ever be.”
– Kyle Gritters, Professional Cyclist and U23 National Champion


“The first time I met Vince I was blown away by his knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for biking…in fact for any sport where people strive to be the best. With his attention to detail and unwavering pursuit of perfection, I knew he could take me to the top of my game. Through structured drills, strength training and specificity on the bike, Vince has helped me to increase my power by 15% AND in only 8 months of working together! Not only that, I’m a professional triathlete and now come off the bike with fresher legs than ever before. In the first race of the season, after one winter of working with Vince, I jumped up 7 places from last year and finished with a podium spot in a US Cup Race. I’m honored to be coached by him and would consider any athlete lucky to have such a chance.”
 – Lesley Paterson, 
Pro Triathlete and 2011 and 2012 XTERRA World Champion, 2012 ITU Cross World Champion, 2012 and 2013 XTERRA US National Champion


“When I began working with Vince Fichera of SLOWSTEP Cycling I had the feeling immediately that I was in good hands. I was made to feel that my training and racing goals would be well looked after and that he placed a very high level of importance on training smart and being efficient in both training and racing. As a competitive athlete, I believe these points are the keys to my success: Training and racing smart and efficient. Because I work a full time 9-5 job like many athletes out there, this was a major step in the right direction for me with my training.

Vince came highly recommended to me from many San Diego area athletes that I know personally. So, when I was ready to take my training and racing to another level with the help of a coach, Vince was the obvious choice not only because of his work and mentorship with Dr. Arnie Baker, but also because of his impressive list of clients that he has helped to achieve World and National titles over the many years that Vince has been coaching.

Coach Vince takes the time to sit down with his athletes and understand their goals. He listens to the athlete and he does not simply use an all for one type of approach. From that point, he then provides valuable feedback and a customized training plan that will help any level athlete achieve their goals. There are no “cookie-cutter” training programs coming out of Coach Vince’s office.

Further, he discusses his own training philosophies and charts a course for progress and success that is very comprehensive, yet easy to understand and follow. This creates a training environment that is motivational and fun. You actually cannot wait to get out on one of his self – guided rides in the off-season and do the strength work training on the bike with him and his other athletes. The SLOWSTEP Cycling approach allows the understanding and progression through each phase of training and answers the “how” and “why” of the training plan.

In other words, Vince’s style and protocols to coaching are easy for me to follow on a daily and monthly basis and he keeps me motivated to continue to work hard and see results!

My personal experience with Coach Vince is that he has been effective in his ability to dial in a very specific off-season strength and conditioning program (gym and on the bike), then we moved into pre-race season training, and then into a race season and maintenance phase. This allows me to be as strong and durable of a bike racer as possible leading up into the season while not “burning out” mid way through, and having the strength and fitness to carry on over a consistent, successful racing season.”

– John Abate, Team Monster Media p/b MRI, Cat 1 Racer


If you are thinking about using a Coach, I highly recommend that you speak with Coach Vince Fichera of SLOWSTEP Cycling. It’s the best decision I have made in my racing career.

“I first hired Vince Fichera as my cycling coach four years ago.  Prior to that I was your typical ‘self coached’ athlete.  I read and tried everything I came across in an effort to achieve maximum competitiveness and success within Masters racing.

Working with Vince has been an education.  His program covers the full gamut of training from diet, workouts and race preparation through the mental aspects of competition, all with the goal of attaining maximum race fitness.  Vince is very structured in his approach, yet gave me enough leeway to embrace as much of his program as I chose.

In the last four years I have completely changed my approach to training and racing and the results have been very tangible.  By following Vince’s SLOWSTEP plan, much of the guess work and uncertainty has been removed from my training, and in the process I transformed myself from a capable racer to one who consistently finishes in the top 10 in every race I enter (including national championships).

Perhaps the best aspect of my association with Vince is that my fitness level continues to improve even as I age up.  If you are serious about taking your cycling to a higher level, I would not hesitate to recommend Vince Fichera as the man to help you to get there.”

– Mark Huffman, Masters Racer 60 years of age and Multiple California State Champion


“When I first met Vince, I was a triathlete embarking on my third year of competition, looking to improve my cycling. In my first year of training with Vince, I set several personal bests on the bike.  In addition I also had the top women’s bike split in many of my races, and I qualified as part of Team USA for the 2013 Sprint World Championships in London, England.

Not only has Vince provided me with the physical tools to become faster on my bike, but he has also taught me the physiological reasons behind the training. In addition, he has helped me learn about optimal nutrition, food preparation, and most importantly, rest/recovery to support my training. Vince’s passion for the sport and coaching is most apparent in the time he spends individualizing training plans to meet the specific needs of the athlete and as a single mom, that is something that I have really appreciated. My training plans are constantly evolving based on both how my body is responding to the training and my children’s schedules. I don’t know of many coaches who are willing to re-work a training session on the fly because a six year-old has the stomach flu or because a nine year-old qualified for the all-star soccer team.

I truly feel lucky to have Vince as a coach and I am hooked on his SLOWSTEP coaching philosophy.  I am excited to see my continued growth as an athlete and person under Vince’s tutelage.”

Tanja Canter, 
Triathlete, California Women TTT State Champion, ITU World Championships Team USA 2012, 2013, 2014.


“The winter program that Vince had developed for me was a unique, scientifically supported, tough program. The training took me to a new level of endurance and physical fitness and gave me the base that enabled me to race often and train harder all while recovering like I never had before. Without a doubt a solid winter training program is the building block to successful bicycle racing and Vince’s program did it for me.”
– Spencer Spagnola, Junior Cyclist and California State Time Trial Champion


“I hired Vince Fichera to coach me after spending years self-coaching by reading books from well-known coaches. Vince was able to bring it all together for me. I realized results the very first race season garnering 3 first places and several top 10 finishes. I can attack more often and longer! Vince creates an atmosphere of healthy competition in his group rides. He does a great job tailoring specific workouts to my busy life. Vince changed how I train and made me a killer on two wheels!”
– Matt Martel, Masters road racer
Pacific Power Blue Sky Cycling Team – Corvallis, Oregon


“In January of 2007 I had the pleasure of meeting Vince while on one of the many Cyclo-Vet group rides in San Diego, California.

I was immediately drawn to his energy, passion, and honesty for cycling and how he applied these traits to his day to day living. More importantly I was able to watch, during the ride, as he shared these and other attributes with his athletes to motivate and to give them a constant reality check on their progress.

During further visits, I began to see how strong his knowledge was of both the physiological and psychological aspect of endurance training, and more importantly conditioning and nutrition in general.

Whether a committed athlete or weekend warrior Vince has a keen ability to precisely communicate what is needed to attain your desired goals. He also will not tell you simply what you wish to hear but what you need to hear to give you perspective about attaining such goals. It is then up to you to fail or succeed.

I am proud to say that Vince is not only someone that has made me a better cyclist, but above all a better person through his leadership and knowledge. I am honored to call him a friend, and am now enjoying the best fitness of my life.”
– Jim Hinkley, Cat 4 Racer49 years of age


“I have been coached by Vincent Fichera for over 5 years now. When I started with Coach Fichera, I was a below average bicycle racer, barely finishing races-sometimes not finishing. With Coach Fichera’s advice and training, I progressively improved and now finish top 10 consistently. I have exceeded my expectations in bike racing thanks to Coach Fichera. I have won a California State Champion Jersey in 2006 in the 4 man Team Time Trial and I have also won a California State Champion Jersey in 2008 in the 2 man Team Time Trial. I recently had my highest placing in a 3 day stage race with a 3rd overall at the 2009 Valley of the Sun Stage Race. Thank you Coach for all you have done for me over the years.”
– Michael Williams, CA Pools Racing, Cat 1 Racer and California State  Time Trial Champion


– Mark Scott, Masters Racer,
US national 35+ Criterium Champion 2004,
3 Time California State Criterium Champion

“When I came to Vince a few years ago, I was barely pack fodder and killing myself to try to keep up. Now, I can have fun when riding and even keep up with some of the big boys. This program is better than a case full of Sham-Wows! Highly recommended.”

– Shlomo Abromovitz,  former pack fodder 2006.