22-Week Program

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The SLOWSTEP 22-Week Winter Training Program is designed for the cyclist who is serious about getting faster. Racers and other serious cyclists are all welcome. During the program cyclists will be taken thought a focused time-tested training program, that will isolate and develop the fitness systems needed to become a better cyclist. All cyclists (including top racers) should benefit from the program.

This guide will walk you through the SLOWSTEP philosophy and what you can expect from the program.

Although we will ride as a group for some of the rides, these are not group rides in the traditional sense. If you have more of an interest in having a group of cyclists to hang out with, socialize, and hammer along I can assure you that this will not be the group for you.

That said, we do have a great time and meet some wonderfully interesting people who socialize and forge lifelong friendships and business relationships. This is a byproduct of the performance athletes coming together to improve their cycling; and not the primary goal.

For more information about The SLOWSTEP 22-Week Winter Training Program CLICK HERE.